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Lighthouse Ministries Children's Village

Pastor Grigsby and his wife Emma decided to build an orphanage when they witnessed so many children in Buchanan who were living on the streets, fending for themselves.


At Lighthouse Ministries Children's Village (LMCV), these orphans now have a home. 

Today, there are over 50 children at LMCV. Your donations help provide shelter, food, clean water and education up to the 9th grade. 

Your funds are needed to provide basic necessities for the children and to continue the mission of LMCV.

LMCV is a US based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 100% of all donations minus cost to transfer money support the LMCV children in Liberia and are tax-deductible.

Don't let the same name confuse you. Our US based organization is dedicated to supporting the Lighthouse Ministries Children Village in Liberia. Learn how you can join our US based LMCV team. 

To provide shelter, food, clean water, education and the Word of God to orphans and children in Buchanan, Liberia and surrounding communities.

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