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Education for the children for grades K-9 is provided by the Mercy Bates Foundation school located on the Village campus.

The Mission Trip in 2022 enabled significant progress on plans for the children's education for grades 10-12.  The Booker T Washington Institute (BWI), a prestigious high school with additional vocational tracks, has been identified as the primary education path for the children.  Attending BWI will enable them to be academically prepared for higher education should they pursue it, as well as critical vocational skills to enable them to transition to adulthood prepared to succeed in their community.  

BWI costs are above those required at the Village, and the Scholarship/Education Fund was started in 2021 to address this need.  An Education Plan to address all that is needed to ensure children are prepared to meet entrance criteria, and help them with career planning for the vocational tracks offered, is near complete.  Three children will be entering BWI in the fall of 2022, and support will be needed through 2036.

You can designate gifts/support to this specific Scholarship/Education Fund.  Thank you for considering giving to enable each child to become a productive and shining light to their community (and beyond)!

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