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LMCV School

LMCV includes a school on our campus, with all of the facilities now completed as a result of your donations.


We are blessed with a small staff of teachers who are paid a small stipend. They teach pre-K through grade 9 to approximately 168 children from the orphanage and local community who attend classes. The goal of our Christian-based school is to teach and minister to the orphans and to children who lack the financial support to attend school.

This area is very poor. Without LMCV, these children may not attend school. This unfortunately gives them limited opportunities leading to lives of crime and/or sex trafficking. 

The education needs for high school (grades 10-12) are being planned for in the Scholarship/Education Fund.  See that page for exciting updates.

Construction Updates

The ambitious task of building additional classrooms to support the school through grade 8 was completed for the 2021 school year. The Liberia Department of Education regional official recently reviewed our facilities, curriculum, teaching staff, credentials and more. The results: the LMCV Mercy Bates Foundation School received the highest rating of any school in our assigned area! 

classroom construction 3.jpg

First Day of School

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